Embossed Tags

This is an A.T.C sized tag that I made. I’m probably going to punch a hole in it and use it as a tag. When I’m stamping and do inky things sometimes I mop the leftovers on a small tag. I also use them for trying out things when I just want to test something out.
with this one I passed it through the Bigshot with a Tim Holts embossing folder, wiped the raised area with an embossing pad and heat embossed two types of embossing powder over the top. One was green the other copper.
I really liked the effect of this and I’m thinking I have to give this another go.

This was another tag cut with a sizzix die.Tags #3. It was made in the same way only using gold embossing powder. I hit the embossing pad  a bit hard on this one I think and used quite a bit of embossing powder.

It’s still quite cool though and will probably be adorning somebodies gift this year.

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