My New Chair

This was my new chair. It was something given to somebody else and since it wasn’t in such great shape it turned up on my door step, unwanted and unloved and rather dirty. It was so comfy so I decided to have a go at reupholstering it.

I had bought some red patterned canvas a while ago for no other reason than i liked it. This looked like the perfect place to use it.

The base was kind of easy because it unscrewed and after removing the black strip around the bottom was simple to staple the red canvas over the existing base and re-apply the black strip.

Unfortunately I couldn’t work out how to get the back out of it’s mounting so there would need to be actual sewing involved. having decided on a box style of cover I made a pattern out of newspaper. For the bottom of the cover I sewed in a popper strip also bought eons ago so I could close it or remove it if I need to wash it.

I’m very happy with it and have to admit it’s looking really nifty now and quite comfy too.

This is going to be the chair I use to do my crafting and stuff in. Nice to know it’s escape the junk pile.

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