Sketch Books

I went away recently and decided I could have used a small sketch book, Just something to jot things down in and doodle on. Suppose I could have gone out and bought one but where’s the fun in that?

I had some lining paper left over from my latest bout of decorating and some quite low grade paper that came as packing materiel.

I have two different grades of lining paper. One is standard grade, Cheap as chips. Great for drawing but any sign of water and it buckles badly. The other is much thicker (we have lumpy walls) It doesn’t buckle when water is applied and is what I’m currently using as watercolour paper.

I cut the pages to 6″ x10″ and layered them up, 4 pages of the thick paper folded over for two 8 page warercolour booklets and 8 layers alternated in the one with thinner paper.

I like the different textures of paper in this one,the packing paper is fawn in colour.  I’m hoping it will make me think about the materials I use when I draw in them. The tiny bit in the centre is a leftover from cutting the thicker paper. It seemed a shame to waste it.

Three holes were made with a sturdy pokey tool, they were then all sewn together with thick thread.

If I ever fill them all I’m thinking of attaching them all together to make one book and who knows maybe a little cover too.

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