Savory Squash Seeds

Hi there

Today I was making stew. Nothing out of the ordinary really. I was chopping up some butternut squash to and about to throw the seeds away when I thought what a shame, isn’t there something  I can do with them. I knew pumpkin seeds could be roasted so hey why not these?

I scooped the seeds out and rinsed them in cold water and dried them off, then put them in a small tray with some olive oil, spices and roasted them in a moderate oven for about half an hour.

All amounts are to taste since I rarely measure anything. Just a small sprinkling of everything.
olive oil to lightly coat them
tiny sprinkle chinese spice
There are loads of recipes out in the internet for roasting seeds I just used what ever I had in my cupboard.

They’re crunchy and tasty and I’m definitely going to try this again.
Apparently they’re also very good for you. Even better!

Bye for now. Have fun!

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