More Snowflakes

Hello there. I’ve been at the snowflake dies again and made a few more cards.

The card base was embossed with an embossing folder.

The snowflake is made up with two different sets of dies cut out of blue silver and white card.  These were glued on top of each other because I was going to post them. If I was hand delivering them I would have used foam pads to give a little more dimension.

The sentiment didn’t happen on this one because I didn’t think it through properly and couldn’t stamp over the embossing, so that had to go inside.

The second one was printed on the computer first. (It would have been easier to stamp but I don’t have anything that size). The merry Christmas’s make a nice frame for the snowflake.

The die cuts were arranged in the same way and glued to the card. I didn’t want to emboss over the words so I just pushed the folder into the spaces and squeezed it together with my fingers. This means the the dots are not quite as pronounced as the other one but I do like the effect of them fading out towards the edge.

They’re not big cards, about 4″ square but they are relatively easy to make, especially if there’s not too much time. (Note to self make them earlier next year!)

Off now to do more Christmassy stuff, Bye.

Dies used:
Spellbinders Create-A-Flake Four
Spellbinders Create-A-Flake Three
Swiss Dots Embossing Folder


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