With All My Hearts

https://sunnyfae.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/with-all-my-hearts/Hi there. Valentines Day is here again and this is the card I will be offering to the illustrious other half this year. He’s not a lover of fussy cards so I tried to keep it simple.

Saying that there’s a serious amount of hearts here Hehehe.

The hearts were all cut out of different coloured card. I used the Sizzix Framelits Hearts#2.

I didn’t want it to be too bulky so the middles were cut out to make space for the next colour.

The bigger heart was a bit big for the size of card used so I trimmed the edge off the side. I like how it goes off the page a little.

The top layer has a heart cut out of it and was glued with foam pads. Once the top layer was stuck down I could position the other hearts.

I would love to have a stamp for every sentiment but I don’t so this was written on the computer, printed out and cut out with a die. There is a red heart behind it to give it some shading and make it stand out more.

Happy Valentines Day people. Till next time have fun x

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