Hello. A little card for I made it for a Piscean birthday. I don’t think I’m alone in finding guys cards difficult. He doesn’t like sports or the usual things guys are supposed to like so I went with fish, not fishing mind because that wouldn’t go down well at all.

I was given some scraps of watercolour paper. It had printing on one side and was bent in places but I managed to cut a narrow strip.

Watercolour just like most arty stuff is very new to me, I cant draw so I decided to keep it as simple as possible.

The koi were stamped in embossing ink and heat embossed with a pale copper embossing powder. This helped to keep the colours from running.

All I did was wet it all over and splosh colours in where I thought they should be. There’s not much of a background because once the fish were painted I didn’t want to spoil it and get too ambitious.

I had been given a  stack of pre-scored cards. Not sure it can been seen but this one was pale gold in colour.

Now I am spoiled, this paper didn’t warp or bubble and the paint really moved nicely, unlike the cheap stuff I usually use. I would really like some more so, either I’m going to have to save my pennies or be extra nice to my kind benefactor and hope she throws some more scraps my way.

I’m happy I tried something new, definitely going to give this another go. Till next time bye for now and have fun.

Inks used:
Embossing pad – Clear
Stamps used:
Koi set – Designs by Ryn

Watercolour Paints

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