Learning To Use My Camera (Bokeh)

bokeh 1Hi there. I hope your’e well.

Apologies in advance, this post will be picture heavy. I did shrink them quite a bit but they’re still quite big.

Over Christmas and new year I have been playing with my camera. Occasionally I see the word “bokeh” and try to reproduce something even remotely similar, fail then go back to my normal point and shoot.

This year however I was determined to work it out. I set the camera to something really close up then pointed it at the lights on the tree. (See how technical I am!) Looking at the view finder on the camera and whoo hoo! There they were. Lots of little coloured spots.

I took loads (I do mean loads) of pictures which made me really happy. Finally I have managed it, done an actual photographic effect with my camera.
I’m sure everyone will be relieved to know that I just picked out a few favourite pictures to upload and didn’t put the whole lot up hehe.

Thats me for now. Take care and have fun x
bokeh 2

bokeh 3

bokeh 4

bokeh 5

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