Seed Packets / Gift Card Envelopes

Gift Card EnvelopesHi there how are you.
It’s spring! Yes yes it is, the sun came out and the gardening began. I say gardening but what I really mean is tidying up, cleaning out the old pots and stuff. Planting a few herbs.

Then I remembered that last summer as the days got shorter and the seed heads dried out that what I really needed was some little seed packets to save them in. I did make some but they were very crude, serviceable yes but not too pretty.

I found a book of templates (Folding Ideas for cards & envelopes) inside there was a card with an attached envelope for gift cards.The perfect size. The book has a CD in the back with all the templates from the book so I put the one I wanted onto the computer. It was the right sized envelope but the opening was on the wrong side and it needed a little adjustment.

I now had two templates and they both fitted onto an A4 sized page so I printed them both off. For strength I glued the copy paper down onto cardboard (an old pizza box) with PVA glue, They’re quite sturdy. I drew around them cut them out and folded them up.

Envelope Templates

As you can see in the top picture I have tried several closings and I think it depends on how they are folded as to which style suits the best. For the seed packets I’ll maybe go for two buttons.

The first envelopes I made were made out of copy paper, old wrapping paper and scraps, decorated with whatever was on my desk at the time.They are far too pretty for seed packets so I’ll be using these for birthday gift cards maybe and make planer envelopes for my seeds.

Thats all for now. Thanks for stopping by. Till next time have fun x

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