Sketckbook Doodlings

SketckbookHi there. How are you?

I started stamping because I can’t draw. I love making cards, art etc. but drawing for real from the scratch is not one of my talents and It’s too expensive buying stamps for every image I want to reproduce so I need to find another way.

I’m trying to teach myself to draw. I decided to start with something reasonably easy, flowers. Thinking that as long as it has petals, a middle and a stalk it’s a flower right? All of my drawings were very basic and one-dimensional, hmmm. I was going to need help.

After checking around the internets and Youtube I found John Muir Laws videos. They’re brilliant, like flower drawing for dummies (that’s me by the way) He teaches in a very clear no nonsence way and makes it very easy to understand.

After a couple of goes this is what I did! Me, who can barely draw a straight line! It is not a real flower, just a cone shaped flower drawn with the aid of the exercises in the lessons and coloured with watercolour.

Now I’ve tried this maybe I’ll try a real flower and see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time, have fun x

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