Hi there, it’s been a while. I’ve had issues.
Towards the end of April I set off on the biannual check on my eyes, (as you do) prescriptions had changed and new glasses were bought. After searing headaches and blurry vision the lenses were changed. This corrected nothing and after more headaches and a second test it was discovered the prescription was not quite right. More new lenses and a whole month later I can finally see. To be fair the guys at the opticians were very good and kept going till they got it right, so, now I can see.

All this to say I’ve done nothing much for a whole month! This last week I have been getting back to playing in my sketch book and practicing drawing again.

I have been watching the john laws videos.Here is a link to the latest one. This guy is so generous. He records the classes he takes in his locality and then uploads the whole lesson online for other people to see. It’s almost like being in the class myself, so this is how I have decided to view them. I watch the video (in small instalments because they’re quite long) then do the exercises in my own time.

The sketch of the red flower was drawn using a die cut as a model, first flat and then curled up like it was just opening up.

The yellow flower was a simple clipart flower, underneath that is a sketch of a strawberry flower. A real actually growing in my garden flower. I was quite chuffed with this one because it’s the first time I’ve drawn something that looks anywhere near realistic.

Finally the purple one is a sage flower. I usually let the herbs flower because the bees seem to really like them and we have to look after the bees at the moment as they don’t seem to be doing too well. I suppose every little bit helps.

I definitely want to keep on with my sketching, they’re not amazing pictures I know but its all practise and everything has to start somewhere.

Well that’s me for now. Thanks for stopping by, take care and till next time have fun.

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