Butterfly Tag

Butterfly Tissue Tag

Butterfly Tissue Tag

A lovely tag made with oddments and leftovers found on my crafting table.
Hi there. How are you?

I was sitting at my table in a blurry haze.(The weekly trip to the opticians continues and is the running joke here at the moment). I couldn’t decide what to do, so I started to tidy up. Usually this clears not only the table but also seems to clear my head too.

I found tags, unused die-cuts and bits of kitchen roll that had been used to clean stamps and mop up ink

Then as they made their way to the bin, hoarder me suddenly popped up and said noooo surely you can make some thing out of these!

Hoarder me is normally best ignored. I have far too much tat as it is but this time she could be right, hmm…

Out came the P.V.A glue and the butterflies were stuck to the tag and the kitchen roll glued on top. The tissue was had some colour from the inks but I added a little extra watercolour and picked out the butterflies in red and yellow.

For a touch of sparkle I mixed a drop of gum arabic with a drop of water and some mica powder. The gum arabic binds the mica and stops it rubbing away when you touch it. To make sure though I gave the whole thing another coat of P.V.A.

I finished the tag off by backing it with a piece of pink card, I even found some ribbon for the hole. Normally I wouldn’t bother with ribbon because the tags I make are used on gifts and I like to match the ribbon with the gift wrapping but this was pretty so I went with it.

Considering it was made from all the tat on my table I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The colours turned out well and it is quite tactile.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by, till next time, have fun x

Dies Used:
Sizzix movers – and shapers Flower and Butterfly Set
Sizzix – Tags #3A A

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