Helloo. How are you?
We’ve been away for a while. The annual pilgrimage to London to see relatives. Bit of shopping, take in some local culture and of course visiting.
We had fun, saw as much as we could and even did a spot of sketching in the park.

geese 1Once home I realised something as I looked through my sketch book.

This is a sketch I had drawn last year whilst sitting in the park with my daughter.
They’re geese, they don’t really stand still for long and it took me ages to draw them.


This year we all stopped off in the park again, even the other half! The geese were there and again we started to draw.

As you can see they are very different drawings. Last yegeese 2ars geese are cute and simplistic. This years geese are not anatomically correct in any way but they are more detailed and maybe a little more confidently drawn than last year.

Normally I draw flowers, they tend to stay where they are and not wander off half way through the drawing. I suppose though, it’s all practice and learning to see what’s actually there and more practice.

I’m actually quite pleased with myself. Not because I’m producing anything amazing but because there is some improvement.

This is also the first time I’ve kept a sketch book or any record of any kind of art. It’s really interesting to go back and see the differences. I’m definitely going to carry on with it.

That’s all for now. Take care, have fun x

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