Quince (fruit)Hay there.
I love quince.
They can’t be eaten raw like other fruit. They are very hard with an astringent, acidulous taste. They need to be cooked to make them palatable. Mainly I make them into jam or jellies. You can also bake or roast them, either way they are delicious.

A few years ago I bought a quince tree. It was very young, almost a twig really. I wasn’t sure what type of quince it was, gardening is not something I do well. I just knew I wanted to grow some in my garden. It grew a little taller but no flowers and no fruit.

Last year a single flower appeared but again no fruit. This year there were at least half a dozen flowers and then two fruits, whoot! One dropped off almost straight away. This is my one and only quince. It’s a little smaller than my fist, fluffy and waiting.

I think they’re supposed to be ready by the end of October, so I wait and I watch. They taste so good I know the wait will be worth it.

To anyone stopping by to read my ramblings, thanks.
Till next time, have fun x


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