Japonica Quince

Hi there.
It’s official, it’s Autumn the leaves are changing colour and the Japonica Quince are ready.
Japonica QuinceLast time I showed you the quince growing in my garden. It’s still there, I’m still waiting.

On the bush at the other side on my little patch is a Japonica quince. They’re not like the normal pear shaped quince, they are small and nobly about 1 ½ – 2 ½ inches. They ripen October (ish) once they have turned yellow. (mine are a little underdone, I picked them because they were needed to make up the weight)

I’m really happy because normally I get flowers. Lots and lots of lovely flowers but no fruit. This year however, hidden amongst the branches were these three little beauties. Admittedly they are on the smaller side more like 1-1 ½ inches and I wont be making much with them. I’m just really pleased to get any a all!

I have yet another type of Japonica Quince, the fruits are about twice the size of these but they have decided not to have fruit yet, if ever!

If I could buy these gorgeous fruits in the shops I would, but I can’t so thanks to my very generous mum who gave me the plants I can try to grow my own.

Thanks for checking in to read my little ramblins. till next time (when I’ll tell you what I did with my three quince). Have fun x

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