Preserving With Apples, Japonica Quince And Rosehip

chopped quince
Hi there.
Recently a call went out on the freegle website “the apples are ready and I have too many, please come, pick some and take them home” or words to that effect.

Freegle is a website that people post up things they no longer need. This is their blurb “Our aim is to save useable stuff from going into landfill and develop positive and local community spirit along the way.”  I’m all for saving stuff from landfill and really don’t mind helping people out with a glut of apples.

We picked some apples and now have two very large carrier bags full. Later my daughter and I walked along a quiet country lane and picked a few tubs of rosehips.

Then there were the quince. My three very beautiful quince from the last post plus a couple of pounds of quince my mum had given to me. Usually she picks her own, makes a few jars of something lovely, then gifts them around the family.  This year however she wasn’t quite well enough to pick and cook them so I picked them and will pass around some of my jars. We can all still share in the goodness. 

And the preserving marathon begins.
Up to now I have made:
• Quince, rosehip and apple jam
• Rosehip quince and apple jelly
• Mincemeat

Homemade Rosehip Quince Apple JellyHomemade Quince Rosehip Apple Jelly

Usually I only make a few jars of jelly because it really irks me to throw out the useable fruit. This year I put the apple and quince through a sieve to use the pulp in my jams but the rosehips can’t be reused because of the tiny hairs, so I squeezed them out as best as I could before straining.

Home Made Mincemeat

There are al lot more jars than this I couldn’t fit all of them in front the lens.

I plan to bottle some apple sauce once I’ve looked up how to do it. Bottling things is not something we’ve tried before but I would really like to give it a go. Just the thought of having homemade apple sauce through the winter is more than enough incentive.

Thanks you for taking  time and stopping by till next time, have fun x

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