Rosehips, Japonica Quince And Pears

Quince and Rosehips FruitHi there

The last of mums quince (japonica) ripened, and I got the privilege of cooking them up for every one. You can get a rough idea of the size by comparing them to the rose hips in the picture. They are quite a bit bigger than the quince I cooked here.

I had also been given a carrier bag full of pears. They’re eating pears and taste really good but for some reason this year they stayed hard no matter how long they were left to ripen.

So what to do with all these goodies. We really like the quince with rosehip. It seems to be the flavour of the year. This meant more hip picking and as luck would have it we found a little patch unpicked.

I made a few more jars of rosehip quince and apple which will satisfy that family craving. Next I had a small bag of limes in the house so I made quince and lime marmalade.

quince lime marmalade rosehip appleRosehip Sryup Bottled Pears



The pears I decided to try bottling thinking the cooking process would soften them a little. Since I had a lot if rosehip juice left I used half water half hip juice and sugar to make the syrup, just to add a little extra flavour.( I hadn’t labled all of the jars at this point )

Later in the week we tested a few with a little yoghurt, it worked well, the pears cooked and softened a little and they tasted great.

Rosehip Sryup + Blackcurrant LeavesFinally with the last of the rosehip juice I made up two batches of rosehip syrup. One slightly minted with peppermint leaves and one with blackcurrant leaves.
I noticed a lot of fruity herbal teas add blackcurrant leaves to their ingredients so I experimented with some from the garden. It doesn’t taste like blackcurrants but it does add something extra to the flavour. I left some of the leaves in the bottles to see if they infuse a little more. It’s all a bit experimental but I won’t know unless I try it.

Well that’s the preserving marathon over for another year. Autumn is moving on and now its getting time to snuggle down and enjoy the fruits of our labours.
Bye for now. Till next time, have fun x


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