Making Colour wheels

colour wheel red lemon yellow ultra marinecolour wheel quin magenta lemon yellow cerulean blue

colour wheel red yellow ocre ultra marinecolour wheel crimson yellow ocre cerulean blue

Hi, I hope you’re well.

Recently I’ve been going to a local watercolour class. It’s going ok I think, my lack of drawing ability is a slight hindrance but I’m practising as much as I can so hopefully that will improve as I go on.

We had a few lessons on colour theory. We all know red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green and blue mixed with red gives purple right? Not so apparently.

This means experiments need to be done. I’ve got to use the colours I have to get the most out of the paints I already own and learn what colours I can make. So far I’ve used about seven colours and it’s been a really interesting to see the greys, browns and greens I can make.

This may even save me from having to buy too many colours, I can just buy the ones I use a lot and make the colours I don’t use too often.

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x


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