Start Of The New Sketck Book

Hi Folks. Hope you’re well.

Last week I finished off my old sketch book so this week I’ve been breaking a new one in. It’s another cheap book with stitched signatures this time instead of spiral bound. I still don’t feel comfortable drawing on anything too expensive whilst I’m learning.

The paper is thick enough to take watercolour but it’s quite absorbent so again not good for watery techniques. Once the paints down it’s down no messing about.

I have decided this time I’m only going to draw with a pen, no pencil. With a pencil there’s always the option to rub out mistakes and fiddle with things. I’m hoping that with a pen I’ll just get on and draw. I think it’s working. The pen goes down and if it’s in the wrong place I either have to work round it or accept it and carry on.

The first picture is of some japonica quince flowers from the garden, drawn with a biro and coloured with watercolour.

These penguins were drawn with a micron fine liner. They’re just some odd penguins from a few photo’s taken at the zoo. I was trying out some crosshatching.

Last but not least are marigolds. Looking lovely in the spring sun.

I’ll see if my little experiment stops me faffing about.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

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