Hawthorn Blossom


Hi there. Hope you’re well.

In my quest to learn to draw I’ve been taking lots of photos of blossom. All kinds of blossom, quince, cherry, apple. I love it all. I saw a hawthorn tree and off I went to photograph it.

It wasn’t until I looked back at the pictures that I realised (here’s the science bit) the anthers on the filaments were pink and not black like in the photo above. (thank you google)


I went back to the tree and had another look. They do start off pink and the pollen is inside the tiny pink sacks. They burst open and the pollen folds out onto the anther then as the flower is pollinated they turn black.
Seems I always get to them after pollination has taken place, plus like every one else I wander through life oblivious to the wonders of the world we live in.


Turns out learning to draw is not only fun but educational too. Who new?

Thanks for dropping by. Till next time, have fun x

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