Sketching Quince In The Garden


Hi there. How are you.

The weather has been beautiful lately, glorious sunny hot days. We don’t usually get many of those so I’ve been taking advantage and sketching in the garden.

There have been a few flowers on my quince tree just crying out to be drawn and I need the practice.

I like the way the leaves turned out, usually I end up with green blobs but I actually managed to get the veins to show up.


The japonica quince has finished flowering and has small oval fruits on it. This is the first year this bush has set any fruit at all so I drew them in celebration.

It has a messy background because I had watercolour left over in a class that couldn’t be transported home so I brushed it all over the page. I don’t mind that it shows through the sketch, these are just quick studies. It gives the background a bit of colour and texture.

Hopefully it’s back to the sunshine. till next time, have fun x

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