Sketching Cherries In The Car Park

cherry-branch-sketchHi folks. How are you.

We’ve not been out and about this week because the weather was so wet. Just an observation, not complaining, it saved me having to water the garden and the raspberries are huge so it’s all good.

I still wanted to keep the drawing going and whilst out at the local supermarket I spotted a cherry tree on the edge of the car park. I decided to spend five or ten minutes before going in to the shop sketching a few small branches to see how they turned out.

It may have been more like twenty minutes by the time I had finished, funny how you can lose your self when you are concentrating. The big plus, I felt completely calm when I did my shopping.

I think I caught the essence of them. There was also a small round blackbird ( not drawn because I’m not quick enough yet ) it was picking off the red ones and swallowing them whole. I don’t think there will be any left next time I go shopping.

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time , have fun x


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