Sketching Cows


Hi there. Hope you’re well.

I went for a walk recently and spotted some cows sitting down in a field. I think there’s an old wives tale about cows sitting down when it’s about to rain. Well they were and it did but before the rain started I did some sketching.

Drawing animals is not something I find easy at the best of times because they keep moving. It’s something I would like to be able to do. To get better at anything there needs to be practice, so I spent half an hour staring over a barbed wire fence making terrible sketches as the cows stared back.

Usually when I sketch something I use a micron fine liner, once the mark is made on the paper I just deal with the mistakes and move on. With things like animals I am so unsure of my ability to draw them,  they were all done with a pencil and after many rubbings out I had sort of drawn something vaguely cow-like. (The sketches were too faint to scan )

In the end as the rain started I took a few pictures on my i-pod and headed home.

Later on I painted these cows into my sketch book from the photo’s I had taken.

I was trying to make my own black using the colours I had (sometimes painting with a ready-made black paint looks very flat and lifeless), unfortunately I don’t have many dark colours so it’s very hit and miss. They did look black when I painted them but in daylight they seem to be a quite pleasing shade of green-grey, a happy accident maybe? Painting at night with ordinary light bulbs can be misleading sometimes.

I’d like to more of this it was a lot of fun, I’m sure it will improve my drawing, I just have to keep going. Practise right?

I appreciate every one for stopping by and checking out my  little blog, thank you. Till next time, have fun x


2 thoughts on “Sketching Cows

  1. Becky B says:

    These are lovely cows, and your sketches/water colours are brilliant. Think it is a bit of myth that old wives tale but whenever I see cows sitting I do look at the skies!!


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