A Few Quick Sketches From My Book

mushroom-line-sketchHi, hope you’re well. We’ve been to the zoo again. The yearly passes we bought this year are definitely paying for themselves.

We discovered some mushrooms it the undergrowth as we walked around and took a couple of pictures. This is a line sketch I did from one of the photos.

mandrills live skeching

The mandrills were outside so we decided to stop and sketch them. I’m not really quick enough to get any amount of detail usually but because they were perched high up on top of the poles in their enclosure  silhouetted against the sky I gave it a go and managed to sketch out their shapes. They’re not amazing drawings but they make me smile so I thought I would share them.


The lemurs are normally hard to see because they bounce around and hide in the trees. We managed to get one or two distant pictures. I wanted to see if I could capture their shapes with watercolour.

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x


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