Busy Bee Sketches


Hey there, How are you?

Whilst on a walk on a sunny day we found a bumble bee on top of a thistle, it had no inclination to fly off so my daughter and I took lots of pictures as it was working around and round the thistle. We got lots of snaps of bee positions before it finally flew off into the distance.


We got some pretty good close-ups and the pictures in the computer were quite detailed so I thought it would be fun to draw them. I used some from my photo’s and some from my daughters.


They were drawn with a micron pen and coloured with watercolour. I tried again to make my own black. Some came out on the blue side, which I like but the best one so far has been perylene green and quinacridone magenta, they make a lovely black together.

The bees came out ok if a little alien looking but I really think I need to work on my thistles!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


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