Lama Sketching


Sketch drawn from some close up photo’s of lamas

Hi there. How is every one?

We went for a day out to Chomondelely Castle Gardens. They have a huge garden with lakes, ponds and woods and deer. The castle is not open to the public as the family still live there but the garden and surrounding area are beautiful.

They also have an area for farm animals, pigs, cows, pony’s, sheep, goats and lamas. Lamas! Have to say I love a lama. Like sheep and goats they have strange eyes so when they look at you it’s kind of unsettling. One had the bluest eyes where you could clearly see the rectangular pupil. The other had brown eyes so the pupil wasn’t visible at all.


Sketch drawn from photo’s taken at a distance

I took my good camera and took lots of pictures so I could draw them when I got home. I still find it easier to draw from photo’s but I do try to sketch when I go out, I’m sure the practice is doing me good.

I have quite a few photo’s from our trip so lots of good drawing material there left to play with.

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time, have fun x


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