Sketching Crows II


Trying once again to capture crows

Hello. How is every body.

I had taken more crow photo’s and decided to have another go at sketching them. I was concentrating more on their heads this time.

I’ve draw them before (and probably will again) I’m not sure what the fascination with crows is. They really do get a bad press, I don’t think their bad omens and I’m not superstitious. They are just large black birds with a funny walk and when the sun hits their wings their feathers are iridescent with shades of blue, turquoise and purple. Who couldn’t love that?

I think I like the purple crows best, although I did get a bit carried away with the blue eyes.

I’ve been quite busy this week decorating. Painting walls ceilings and window sills so not a lot of time for drawing at all really but I really wanted to do something. If my drawing is to improve at all I have to keep going and do just a little bit every day. If I don’t things start to deteriorate fast and I’m finding that for all kinds of reasons, that would never have entered my head before, I am really enjoying learning to draw.

Thank you for stopping by. Till next time, have fun x


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