Some Flowers Are Just Hard


Poppies fluttering in the breeze.

Hi there. How are you?

Autumn is coming and most of the flowers are finishing, turning into seed heads.

There are a few flowers left though. Poppies are still flowering in some of the hedge rows and grass verges.They’re smaller and more delicate than the cultivated garden varieties.I like how the petals drop and flutter in the breeze.


An attempt to paint white hydrangea. I decided to turn them pink.

I have a hydrangea plant in my garden. Usually they turn pink or blue depending on how acid /alkali the soil is. Mine is white; they grow in a large pot by the back door.

I tried to paint white hydrangea, you know paint the shadows. White flowers are hard and hydrangea are like flowers within flowers. After a couple of failed attempts I decided to paint them pink.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my little blog. Till next time, have fun x


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