Inktober Continues. Are We There Yet?


The next six #inktober pictures 15-20

Hi there how are you?
Inktober is still going. It is interesting to see us both flailing around at the last minute saying OMG what will I do today! We’re past half way now, just over a week to go. Will we make it? I hope so.

You can see them all together here on instagram.


Paintings of skies on watercolour paper

I’m also still doing my sketchbook skool klass. I’m doing things I usually avoid, so it’s probably doing me a lot of good!

This week I broke out the watercolour paper to paint skies.

I like my sketch book. The paper is terrible but I’m used to it, the way I need very little paint and less water to make my little sketches.  Watercolour paper however reacts very differently. The water floats on the top and I should use more pigment in my water. As you can see I did not use enough pigment and they look a little washed out, so note to self, use more paint.


sketch of some flowers from the butterfly house.

This is a sketch drawn from a photo taken at the butterfly house in the zoo.

When we go to the zoo we set aside days to sit and sketch and others to take our cameras. We go to the zoo usually to practice drawing live things, either flowers or animals, we’re not fussy. The hope is drawing live things will improve our abilities and because animals don’t wait around for long, speed our drawing up.  I’m rubbish at this, unless it’s something really slow (frogs, lizards etc.)

On other days we take cameras and take pictures so we can draw from them at home. This is my preferred way to do things at the moment. Yes, I know keep practicing.

So that’s my week, there’s more inktober and more class homework. It’s a struggle to fit it all in but I’m enjoying it so much and learning lots too.

I hope you’re all having a productive week. Thanks for stopping by. Till next time, have fun x


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