A Little Pot Of Weeds.


The border around this little pot really brings the page together.

Hi there, how are you.

Autumn is finally here. The clocks went back which means darker nights and seemingly shorter days. The weather gets increasingly colder and we all crave heart warming stews.

I’m still continuing with the sketchbook skool class. This week we worked on composition.

My sketch book is usually pretty scruffy and composition is the last thing on my mind, after the weeks classes though I can see how it finishes off the page and I do like the effect it gives.

This is a pot from the back of my garden, it looks quite pretty but it’s actually full of weeds. I was going to rip them all out and start again but I like the look of it with the moss dripping down the sides and the grasses sticking out, so I’ve left it alone.


A little sycamore composition study

#inktober 2016 21-26

More inktober 2016 numbers 21 – 26

The painting turned out ok considering it’s not on watercolour paper and putting a little border around it has definitely tidied up the page.
This one is based on a grid. It’s based around sycamore seeds, again beautifully composed and making a very tidy page. These pages would look lovely in a journal of some kind and maybe as my drawing improves I might think about keeping one.

Inktober continues these are the next six #21 – 26 if you want to see the others in one place they are here on my instagram. Just a few days left to go and it will all be over.


A sketch of some sycamore seeds found in the garden.

These are the sycamore seeds I drew for inktober 21. All of my inktober’s but this on are in their own sketchbook, I drew them in ink in my sketchbook so used them for day 21 and coloured them because well, why wouldn’t you?


Tortoise drawn from photo’s taken at the zoo.

After drawing the tortoise in black and white on day 22 I decided I wanted to have another go again with a little colour.

Again art wise it’s been a very busy week but also interesting and very enjoyable.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x



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