It’s Done 31 Days Whoot!


Tha last o the #inktober drawings

Hello again. It’s been a busy week. Inktober is finished, whoot! The hardest part about it was thinking up things to draw every day. Here is the last batch 26-31, see them all together here on instagram.

I’m happy I got through it and now I have a healthy respect for my new brush pen. It’s not a pen I use a lot because the ink leaks through the page but I think I may buy some paper that can handle it.


The sketch kit i usually take with me when I go out to draw.

Sketchbook Skool continues and this week we had the amazing Roz Stendahl teaching us how to draw animals both from models and real life.

I have to admit Roz was the reason I wanted to take this class in the first place. I’d seen her blog and some of her work on-line and thought I would like to take a class with her. It was a very good week, so much information I’m still working through it, all of it useful to any kind of drawing, not just animals.

We discussed sketch tools, I drew my sketching kit. This is what I usually take out with me, contained inside a clear pencil-case. Plus an A5 sized sketch book.


Sketches of an ornamental cow from different points of view.

We also picked a model (mine was a small ornamental cow) and drew it from lots of different angles. I quite often draw from photo’s because the real thing doesn’t keep still (I’m not fast enough) so it was very interesting to pick something up and have a 360 degree view of it.

One more week left to go. I’m thinking this will be another challenging week. hopefully I’ll find time for other stuff too.

Well that’s it from me this week. Thanks for stopping by. Till next time have fun x


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