Preserving Chestnuts


A shiny new chestnut has just fallen off the tree

Hello, how are you?
On a sunny autumn walk this week we stumbled across two chestnut trees.

We started to pick them. They are very spiky, quite often they fall off the trees semi open and you just have to pick the fat nuts (the skinny ones are usually empty) out of the shells . Before we knew it we both had quite the stash of nuts and brought them home. Now what to do with them?

I don’t usually bother with chestnuts, they’re fiddly and explosive. By that I mean I’ve tried to roast them before and sent them ricocheting around the oven.

This time I looked up on the internet how to cook them.

For roasting cut a slit or cross in the bottom (a small pin hole is not enough) and roast for 10-25 mins. I cooked mine roughly 15 minutes and they were just nice.

chestnut preserves

chestnut jam and preserved chestnuts.

Apparently chestnuts have a low fat content and don’t keep, so I decided to have a go at preserving them.

The first jar is chestnut jam recipe from the River Cottage book by Pam Corbin. This book has lots of unusual recipes for all kinds of preserves and is one of my go to books at this time of year.

It’s as much of a spread as it is a jam, it goes really nicely with chocolate (yes we tested that theory) it will be lovely in a chocolate cake I’m sure.

The second jar is whole chestnuts preserved in syrup, (recipe here). The syrup recipe on its own is lovely and is something I will use again, and not just for chestnuts.

We have to leave the chestnuts for at least a week before eating them, that’s disappointing, can’t wait to taste them.

Since this is a cooking post I’ve kept it on its own, it’s too confusing to put with all the drawing/crafting ones, plus it makes it easier to find next year when I forget what I did!

Thanks for stopping by, see you in the next post, thanks x


2 thoughts on “Preserving Chestnuts

    • Sunnyfae says:

      Thanks Carol, the pods are pretty fierce, without gloves the best way to open them is by lightly pressing with the sole of your foot. I gave in today and opened the spread/jam; we all decided it tastes good with cream and meringue.

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