Just Hangin’


A sketch of a sweet little lizard just hanging around.

Hi there, how are you?

Is every one ready? The big day is next week and the panicking has begun. There are gifts to wrap, mince pies to make and all that last-minute stuff I swore I would do before December even started! It happens every year.

I decided I needed to chill so I sat down and looked through some photos we’d taken this year; I came across one of a little green lizard.

There were three lizards altogether. Two sped off when they saw us coming, the third was attempting some gymnastics or maybe he’d slipped but when he saw us he pretended he was just hangin’, with his peeps, you know like you do.

It reminded me to slow down a bit and after I’d drawn him I was completely chilled out. Funny how a few minutes drawing can do that.

Next Sunday is Christmas day, Merry Christmas every one. I wish you everything you would wish yourselves and hope your holidays are filled with love, laughter and joy.

Till next time, have fun x

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