Christmas Roses, The Sequel.


A small watercolour painting on a watercolour postcard.


Hi there, how are you?

This week I have been feverishly drawing my Christmas rose, trying to capture each flower before it drops off. I’ve tried sketching, drawing and painting them on various types of paper, just experimenting to see what works for me.

First I used watercolour, I was trying to do the negative painting thing where you paint around the flowers and paint in the shadows. I like how it turned out but It looks a lot better in person.

It was painted on a watercolour paper postcard. I’m not sure where they came from but they are ideal for small studies and when I have finished I could even post it to someone. Maybe have to seal it first though.

Christmas rose sketch 2

Watercolour painted into my sketch book.

Watercolour in my sketch book was not as good. This paper is not good for watery washes. Again I was trying to paint around the flowers and it sort of worked. The pencil didn’t show up in the scan again so it looks a bit washed out.

christmas rose on brown paper packaging

A Christmas rose painted onto some brown packaging paper.

I wanted to try toned paper thinking the white flowers would show up better but I don’t have any so I used a piece of brown packaging.  ( you could have ironed it first mum!  Meh.) I used Chinese white watercolour paint mixed with the other colours so effectively turning it into a kind of gouache. I like the effect maybe I’ll invest in a small toned pad eventually.

For Christmas I bought myself a new pen. It’s a platinum preppy, they’re very cheap fountain pens and I wanted to see if I could draw with one. I’ve see other people draw with lammy’s etc but they’re a bit on the expensive side. I’ll wait till I learn how to use one.

I really like it, the ink cartridge holds a water based ink and if you touch it with a water brush the ink bleeds into the water. These last three pages were drawn with this pen and I love that if I just touch the edge of a petal and drag it in the ink looks like the little shadows on the flowers. Have to be careful though or it will turn into an inky blobby mess.

Christmas rose sketch 3

Sketching with a fountain pen. The greens were a little acidic here.

Christmas rose sketch 3

Christmas rose sketch 3 I like the green leaves better in this one.

Christmas rose sketch 5

Christmas rose sketch 5. Go big or go home ha! the shadows on the petals work nicely in the top flower.

Well this plant turned out to be the best Christmas gift ever! Thanks mum.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

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