A Walk In The Park.

birch tree shetch

A sketch of a birch tree drawn during a walk in the park.

Hey there, how are you?

This week we had a lot on our minds; it’s so hard to make decisions when there is too much noise in your head. We decided the best way to clear our minds was to go for a walk in the park and since we both had our sketch books with us (you never know when you’ll get a little patch of time) we would draw the first thing we saw.

The first thing we saw was a squirrel. Pffft, those things are far too nippy there was no way to keep up with them, plus we hadn’t brought any peanuts with us to slow them down.

We saw an interesting looking tree. It was a birch tree I think (I know nothing about trees) it had the white bark and all the dark lines and markings, we stood against the next nearest tree and started to sketch.

I used my new preppy fountain pen, the tree was pretty much monotone in colour and I wanted to use my water brush to move the colour and blur some of the pen marks out. I started at the base of the tree and worked my way up as far as the paper would let me.

It was late afternoon and after half an hour or so the light was starting to dim, we couldn’t see too well now and were starting to make things up so we stopped and went home.

All the things we had on our minds had disappeared and for half an hour we were lost in the moment of just drawing a tree. It’s so much easier to think when your mind is clear.

I like the way it turned out, it really does look like the tree we saw and I really love the marks the pen makes.

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x


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