White Orchid

Orchid watercolour sketch

A watercolour sketch of white orchids.

Hi there, how are you.

I have been trying to paint white flowers again.

This one was a white orchid plant. We saw it in a small garden centre in the plant graveyard, (you know, the place they put all the plants they reduce because they’re past their best.) It was cheap and my daughter thought it would make a good drawing model for us.

She was right; we’ve both spent time sketching and drawing the flowers, and the flowers will probably last another week or two so more fun to come (Money well spent).

I wanted to try again painting around them with a darker colour; usually it looks a bit wishy-washy so I was sure to use plenty of colour this time. I’ve also tried to put the shadows on the petals. The shadows don’t show up well here but in real life they don’t look too bad.

Given that this is not watercolour paper but cheap blank notebook paper it came out pretty well and it didn’t leek through the page which was nice.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care, till next time, have fun x.

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