Purple Ivy

purple ivy in my sketch book

A photo taken of both the sketch and the real ivy.

Hi there, how are you?

This week on a walk to the local library I stumbled upon some interesting ivy. It wasn’t green like usual ivy, it was  a very dark purple. On the way back home  I decided to take a small stalk and one of the bigger leaves off the plant home with me to investigate further.


A watercolour sketch of the stalk and of a slightly bigger leaf.

The purple ivy has green veins and the rest of the leaf is a very dark purple. I’ve tried to make this colour before and failed so this would be a challenge.

Most attempts to replicate this colour turned into a muddy brown but eventually I discovered perylene green (a single pigment colour green) when mixed with quinacridone magenta (another single pigment colour) come pretty close to the colour I wanted.

I think most ready-made greens are made up from some sort of yellow and blue so together with the red you can’t help but make brown.


This leaf is more stylised, the veins are made by pushing the paint around with my finger.

I was trying to find an easier way to paint the veins and found if I put a little purple down and immediately pushed it with my finger it moved in streaks a short way across the leaf. It’s not very realistic but I do like the effect.

Thanks for stopping by today. til next time, have fun x

4 thoughts on “Purple Ivy

  1. irisgassenbauer says:

    You did a very good job! I never thought about the fact, that I have purple and “normal” green ivy in the park that I pass through every morning. Thank you for making me aware of it! I love how gentle your drawings are, there is much talent involved!

    Liked by 1 person

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