watercolour snowdrops sketch

A little sketch drawn in pencil and coloured with watercolour.

Hi there, how are you.

It happened. On a walk in the woods we saw Snowdrops! Yes they’re out whoop!

This always makes me happy, it’s a reminder that the days are starting to get longer and spring is on its way. I took some pictures and we headed home into the warm. It’s not quite spring yet.

3 snowdrops

Another little sketch. It’s a bit wonky in places but I kind of like the shapes.


snowdrops in pen and ink

A page of little studies drawn with my fountain pen.

I was trying to work out the shapes and angles, pen and ink is the best way for me to concentrate on shapes rather than colour. I find that if I draw things with different mediums and methods it sticks in my head better, plus its fun so why not?

I’m seeing snowdrops all over the place at the moment so there will probably be many more little sketches of snowdrops to come.

Do other parts of the world have snowdrops? If not what are the flowers you look forward to seeing this time of year?

Thanks for dropping by, till next time, have fun x

4 thoughts on “Snowdrops

  1. madebyfay says:

    Thank you for sharing your spring flower sketches. I am looking forward so much to spring! My favorite first spring flower here is the yellow bell. But then all the next flowers that bloom become my favorites, too! Enjoy Spring!

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