Making A Mess And Having Fun


Some blossoms from an ornamental cherry in a neighbour’s garden. They were paler than this but to make them stand out more I added some pink, then outlined them with a white gel pen.

Hi there, how is everybody.

This week I decided one of my small pallets needed cleaning out. I didn’t want to waste the paint by rinsing it away so I thought why not paint it into my sketch book pages and use it as a background.

I don’t own too many artist quality paints so it always comes as a shock as to how much pigment they contain. Turns out Windsor blue is highly pigmented and staining (should have added more water!) Now there were some extremely messy pages to draw on.

sketchy messy sunflowers

Sunflowers drawn from photos I’d taken last summer, painted in watercolour, a little white gel pen for the highlights.

gauche sunflowersMore sunflowers this time coloured with gauche. Gauche is not something I have used much and always struggle with, it did help to push back the vivid blue though and make the flowers stand out more.

brushpen crows

A group of crows drawn with a pentel brush pen with white gel pen for highlights

This one had a background of mainly pallet mud, lots of odd colours all mixed up. I didn’t much like the colour and wanted to cover it up as much as possible. I decided to draw crows. I do like a crow as you can see here and here. They look very different drawn with a brush pen.

It is always an interesting exercise to mix things up and do something a little different, and something like this really takes the preciousness and perfectionism away freeing up the whole process.

Thanks for stopping by today. till next time, have fun x

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