Negative Painting

nagative painting 3 shoots

Painted with 3 shoots (that’s what I’m calling the shape) got a bit muddy. I used too much paint on the first layer so adding more layers everything started to meld together.

Hi there, how are you?

I would like to make better use of my watercolours. I use watercolour all the time for colouring in my little sketches but I don’t use watercolour paper, just the paper in my sketch book.

I’m not saying I’m afraid of watercolour (because that would be stupid right?) I just think to myself “when I get better at this art stuff I’ll use the good paper.

The thing is the sketch book I use is made with white note-book paper and I’ve become used to how ink, watercolour and numerous other art products work with this paper.  Watercolour paper on the other hand is a complete mystery to me, knowing how much paint or water to use to make the marks I want is something I still need to learn. Also using a paint brush instead of my usual water brush is something else I’m struggling with.

I have decided to start using watercolour paper more and learn to use it properly. I went to the library and picked out a book to learn from. The book I picked is Watercolour: painting outside the lines by Linda Kemp. Adding shadows or depth to my art has been a struggle and I thought that if I followed some of the exercises it would become a bit clearer and also a lot of fun.

nagative painting 4 shoots

The 4 shoot version was the second attempt. It came out a little better than the 3 shoot version, the layers of paint were lighter and I used the recommended colours from the book which worked quite well together.

nagative painting shoot

Going around the edge of a shape with 3 colours and letting them all blur together, leaving the shape of the shoot unpainted.

nagative painting hills

Draw a wavy line near the edge of the painting. Paint a wash of colour from the line to the edge of the paper and leave to dry. Continue leaving a small layer of the previous layer and again paint to the edge. Repeat to the top of the page. It makes a hilly landscape.

nagative painting leaves

I got a little lost on this one. The shapes of the leaves behind are supposed to show through the holes on the top (white) leaf.

This is a good book but it does contain an epic amount of information not only on negative painting but colour and composition. I will have to either renew it or borrow it again in the future to fully take it all in!

I also watched a few YouTube videos with Linda Kemp demonstrating some of her techniques. She makes it look so easy, she definitely knows her stuff!

NB: All of the paintings are exercises from the book and painted for practice purposes only. Linda Kemp owns the ideas and I claim no ownership of them.

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x

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