Lilac, So many Little Flowers

splattered lilac flowers

Splattering paint to give an impression of lilac flowers.

Hi there. How are you? It’s been gloriously sunny here, spring at its finest.

Walking past some of the gardens around here I noticed the lilac was starting to bloom. I love lilac, all of the tiny little flowers in slightly different shades of purple and the smell that I can not get enough of.

I went out into the neighbourhood with my little camera and took a few pictures. I have been trying to work out how to draw them and I have to admit it’s very daunting.

splattered lilac flowers and fine liner

Splattering paint in the shape of lilac blooms and picking out the shapes of individual flowers with a micron pen.

I started out with the impression of lilacs splashing and splattering various shades of mauve and purple onto the paper in some thing of the shape I wanted, this could be ok for maybe distant lilac. (To be honest the more I look at this one the more it grows on me).

I made more splatters and drew over them with a fine liner. I liked how they all came out but wasn’t capturing the thing that really fascinated me, all the tiny flowers.

lilac practice blossoms 1

More splattering and picking shapes of individual flowers with a micron pen.

Next I drew out the little flowers sprays in different positions and coloured them in.

lilac practice blossoms 2

Drawing out the shapes of small sprays and individual flowers, then colouring them in.

Once I had the feel for them I had another go. This last one is my favourite; I even managed to get the yellow centres in.

lilac flower heads

Pen and watercolour sketches of lilac. This one was my favorite.

I had a great time with the lilac this week, I did manage to pick a few blooms and put them in a vase so not only did I have the chance to look very closely at them I’ve also had the gorgeous aroma too, can’t do better than that.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x

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