The Sketching Of The Bumble Bees

Hi there, how are you?

A quick warning for the people who don’t like insects or bees, this post is full of them so maybe not the best place to be if you have a fear of them.

bumble bee sketches 1

These last few weeks I have been practicing drawing bees. I’ve been looking at pictures of bees, taking photos and even small videos of bees to try to work out how they fit together.


bumble bee sketches 2These are all bumble bees but not all bumble bees are the same, some are black and yellow with white rears, some have orange rears, even in my own garden there are several different types. They’re really fascinating to watch.

bumble bee sketches 3
Drawing bees in lots of different positions and sketching out the wings to remember how they fit together.

I hadn’t realised for instance quite how long their legs are compared to their bodies. The veins on the wings have a specific pattern and the two wings on each side hook together when they fly. (I’ve been looking stuff up)

Leaving myself small illegible notes to remember what colours I was using.

I also need to work on the colours I have in my box. I have a hard time with yellows, lemon yellow is on the green side, and yellow ochre is too dull. I also have a New Gamboge but it has a strange red tone to it which sort of works for the orange but I just haven’t found a yellow I’m completely happy with.

It’s fun to watch them flitting around the garden pollinating the plants and it has really given me a better understanding of them. Apparently the numbers of bees is dwindling so we have to look after them. The world will be a much hungrier and less colourful place without the bees.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


16 thoughts on “The Sketching Of The Bumble Bees

    1. Thanks Evelyn. erm.. no, there won’t be any spiders. those things creep me out! Too many hairy legs and eyes.. I think i’ll just stick to the pretty ones like bees, butterflies and maybe the odd beetle 🙂

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  1. Sunnyfae – Really enjoy your bee drawings. Nice springy thing to do. I like the feeling of your volume of work… It is great fun to enjoy the outdoors and keep a record. Keep up the good work – I subscribed so I won’t miss any. Very nice, Bill

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    1. Inker (Bill), thank you so much, you’re very kind. I like to be out and about, each drawing I do teaches me a little more about how to draw things and a whole lot more about the world around me.


  2. Lovely paintings of lovely creatures! I’ve been enjoying watching the bees outside my bedroom window. I was happy to see that there were lots of them and all different varieties 🙂

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