Painting Polar Bears

polar bear and baby watercolur sketch
Polar bear and baby watercolour sketch

Hi there, how are you?
I’ve been drawing and painting polar bears this week, lots of polar bears.

polar bear walking watercolour sketch
Polar bear walking watercolour sketch

They didn’t all scan very well unfortunately maybe they were too pale but in person they look ok. It shows up my wrinkly pages nicely.

polar bear watercolour sketch 1
Polar bear watercolour sketch 1

They were all drawn with a pencil and painted with watercolour.

polar bear watercolour sketch 2
Polar bear watercolour sketch 2

I used a brush pen for these polar bears and filled in a few shadows with ultramarine blue watercolour

more polar bears brush pen sketch
More polar bears brush pen sketch

I used the sleeping polar bear as a card for a gift voucher. It is painted on blue card with white gouache

sleepy polar bear gauche on blue card
Sleepy polar bear gouache on blue card

Happy Christmas everyone and thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x


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