Pandas Into The New Year

Hi there and Happy New Year!
I’m writing this as the last post of the year but it will probably go out as the first post of next year.

chinese panda sketch book 2

Chinese panda from my sketch book 2

I’ve been sketching pandas; this month pinch punch post’s theme is pandas. (It’s a small twitter challenge on the first day of each month.) I don’t always do pinch punch post, sometimes I forget but since I remembered and I like pandas so I thought I’d give it a go.

chinese panda from my sketch book 1

Chinese panda from my sketch book 1

I started off doing Chinese pandas, the ordinary black and white ones. I did’t think black watercolour was dark enough for these little guys so I used my pentel brush pen. I actually ran the pen out drawing these and had to fill it up with ink again!

Originally the page was just black and white (a bit boring) so I painted some bamboo in the background of two of the pandas with watercolour, nothing too fancy just a bit of bamboo but it does look better than a blank page. Backgrounds are something I’m not really very good at doing so I need to practice them more.

red panda from my sketch book 1

Red panda from my sketch book 1

After drawing the Chinese pandas I saw a red panda on TV and thought Oooooh, as you do, so I drew a few red pandas as well.
I think I will have to be careful with the cerulean blue in future because it really doesn’t like to scan.

red panda from my sketch book 2

Red panda from my sketch book 2

Well it’s time to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome to 2018 Best wishes to everyone in the coming year I hope it’s filled with of peace, love and kindness.

I would like to say thank you everybody for the time you’ve spent here, reading, liking, following and making thoughtful uplifting comments. Thanks for the support and encouragement and for taking the time out of your busy lives to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


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