World Watercolour Month Third Week

Hi there, how are you?

It’s week three and still I’m going.

Wow what a week, we’ve been having our bathroom re-fitted, everything taken out and new put back in phew. Lots of noise and dust, nearly finished now then a weeks holiday, we’re going to need it.

Sunflower – at the zoo last week they had a lovely display of sunflowers so I sat for a few minutes and drew a few. When I got home I used my sketches as reference for a painting.

sunflower watercolour sunflower

Lady slipper orchid – last year we visited Kew Gardens, they had some beautiful orchids on display, I couldn’t draw them at the time so I took lots of photos. I liked the way this one turned out as I had managed to replicate the colours quite well.

lady-slipper orchid lady-slipper orchid

Dragonfly – I like dragonflies and it occurred to me that I had never drawn one.

dragonfly watercolour Dragonfly first colourway

Another dragonfly – I wanted to try some different colours, internet dragonflies come in so many colours it’s hard to choose just one.

dragonfly second colourway Dragonfly second colourway

Flamingos – painted from some photos I’d taken at the zoo.

flamingo first attempt Flamingo first attempt

Flamingos pt. two – I didn’t much like the colours in yesterdays version so I tried again, I also used different paper for this one. I think it’s a little less overworked.

flamingo second attempt flamingo second attempt

Duckling – saw this cute little duckling on an image search and decided to have a go at painting it.

duckling watercolour Duckling

The first half of this challenge I’ve been using student grade watercolour paper, it’s fine for painting on when you’re not doing anything too wet or washy. I like to use it with my Pentel brush pen, for pen and wash.

The paper I switched to after the first flamingo painting is 90lb (approx.200gsm) 100% cotton paper. It’s thin but holds up very well. Again it takes the paint and water very differently so I’m still getting used to it.

I’ve made a small  booklet of watercolour paper to take with me on holiday so I can hopefully keep up with the rest of the challenge.

I’m hoping to have some sort of internet whilst away if not I’ll keep going and catch up when I get back.

Thanks for the support and taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x


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