World Watercolour Month – Final Week

Hi there, how are you?
This is the final week for world watercolour month 2018.

For details you can check out Mr Doodlewash’s page here, donations of art stuff’s and money can still be given through the links found there.

Throughout the month I had missed a few days but wanted to finish the challenge properly so I completed the last two or three at the beginning of August.

Lavender – I liked the idea of this one but the drawing let it down (more practice needed)

watercolour of lavender #worldwatercolourmonth

Lavender looking a little misty

Californian poppies – we we’re back from holiday and I was sure these would have all gone to seed but no! Amazingly they were still flowering away, I’ll save some seeds and hope for more next year.

Watercolour of californian poppies #worldwatercolourmonth

Californian poppies

Penguins – I had a random idea for penguins in my sketchbook as I knew that would be the theme for pinch punch post (a monthly twitter challenge )so I used it for both challenges, kind of a two-fer.

watercolour of penguins #worldwatercolourmonth

Humboldt penguins for pinch punch post and world watercolour month

Flamingos – it was our wedding anniversary so I wanted to paint something romantical to use on a card. I had a few ideas (see next two posts) I ended up using the flamingos because the shape of the necks resembled a heart.

card made with flamingos watercolour #worldwatercolourmonth

The card I made with the flamingos watercolour

Seahorses – I drew two (see #4 above) I kept it to three colours to stop it getting too muddy and painted it wet in wet. I love how the colours wicked into each other on this one.

watercolour of seahorses #worldwatercolourmonth

Two seahorses entwined

Puffins – I’ve wanted to draw puffins for a while and really enjoyed painting this one.

watercolour of puffins #worldwatercolourmonth

Puffins in love.

Pigeon – I had a picture left over for ideas and he was so cute. This was #32, I painted it while I was painting the puffins because I could see myself starting to fiddle and I didn’t want to spoil it so free extra pigeon hehe.

pigeon watercolour #worldwatercolourmonth

Quirky pigeon

So, world watercolour month has finished for another year and this time I managed all of it whoop whoop!
Looking back I can see some didn’t live up to the idea in my head, the idea was OK but the execution was poor.

Getting used to the paper was interesting; from week three I have been using cold press 100% cotton paper. It’s quite a leap and I think I will need a lot more practice with it before I feel comfortable using it.
I have some pages left in the little booklet I made and another empty one made up so I will persevere.

Things to work on: I need to work on colour mixing in general but particularly greens; I managed to make some real poke in the eye acid greens (not the effect I was going for).

Colours are brighter and clearer on this paper so I need to take note of that and learn to mute them down a bit in some places.

All in all I have enjoyed this challenge a lot; I can see arty improvements are being made slowly whoot!

Click on the links below to check out previous weeks
Week 1
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Week 4
Congratulations to everybody who took part in any way, more arting has to be a good thing and it was all for a good cause. Also I would like to thank every one for all of the support, encouragement and kindness along the way.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x


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