Drawing Foxes

Fox sketch standing coloured with watercolour

Fox sketch standing coloured with watercolour

Hi there how are you?

More foxes but this week I’ve been drawing them. I bought a course by Aaron Blaize. The lessons are all drawn digitally but he does it in a way that you can easily follow along with a pencil and paper. The course is called “how to draw wolves’ coyotes and foxes”. If you follow the last link you can find a free peek at the course where he shows how to draw a wolf. Or watch his youtube channel (no affiliation, just fun stuff)

Since I had been painting tiny fox gestures last week I started at the end with the foxes.

fox gestures in watercolour

Fox gestures in watercolour

They were all drawn in my sketchbook with a red crayola colouring pencil, it’s difficult to rub out and they are nice and soft to draw with. I just drew along with him, listening to the commentary  correcting as I went along, no rubbing out so they were quite scribbly.

sketch of a fox sitting painted with gouache

Sketch of a fox sitting painted with gouache

The top pictures were painted with watercolour, you can’t really tell in the picture but the pencil still shows through. To try to hide the lines I painted the last two pictures with gouache and outlined them with a brush pen.

I normally use watercolour with my drawings I find gouache quite difficult to use, it’s  thicker and flows less so the colours don’t mix on the paper but it worked well to hide the pencil marks.

If I was using watercolour paper I would transfer the image with tracing paper eliminating the need to hide the lines at all.

fox sniffing close to the ground in gouache

Fox sniffing close to the ground in gouache

Aaron Blaise made this quite easy, talking through his thought process and showing why he made the choices he did. Next step is to draw from some photos without help, see if I can do it on my own.

I would try to draw from life but the foxes around here are very shy and only come out at night.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x


16 thoughts on “Drawing Foxes

    • Sunnyfae says:

      I think this one is,I haven’t taken the animation class, if you’re not sure he usually gives a sneak peek of the course on his youtube channel and in the details of the class. It’s normally one of the modules from the class. Its a way to try before you buy. keep your eye out because sometimes he holds a sales and the prices are quite good x

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