Magpies Re-visited

Magpie on a branch

Magpie on a branch

Hello there, welcome to 2019, how are you?

Well, new year, new sketch book.
It doesn’t really bother me if a sketch book carries on into another year or not, they’re all dated when they’re finished and each book is a continuation of the last, but this year I finished it at the end of December whoot!

Normally I use an A5 sized book but this time I am using a 7 ½ x 9 ½ inch note book I found in the back of a cupboard (still using stuff up). It’s an odd size, bigger than A5 and smaller than A4, filled with a coated cartridge paper.

I’m sure ill get used to the bigger pages as I use it.

one for sorrow

One for sorrow

Last week we had a visit from the friendly neighbour hood magpies. I’m sot sure they are the same magpies that nested in the tree behind our garden (it’s very hard to tell).

two for joy

Two for joy

I’ve used dark blue and dark paint colours, including indigo, payne’s gray and neutral tint rather than black. They all seem to work to some degree.

There’s quite a population boom of magpies around here this year, I wonder why that is?
Any how thinking about magpies made me want to draw some.

magpies in a line

Magpies in a line

The paper in my new sketch book seems to take light washes of watercolour quite well; So far so good.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x



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