Drawing Determined Houseplants

Cyclamen watercolour sketch 1

Cyclamen watercolour sketch

Hi there, how are you?

Over Christmas my trusty cyclamen flowered. This plant never fails to amaze me; no matter how many times I try to kill it (not on purpose obviously) it fights back, and rewards my ineptitude with loads of pretty pink flowers. This plant is a fighter and its determination is unrivalled.

I had intended to draw the flowers sooner but it was Christmas and other things took priority. Still it flowered. The flowers are coming to an end now so I need to draw it quickly before it’s too late.

They are painted with a water brush and I tried to paint each petal in a single stroke, I think it sort of worked. The leaves were a little more difficult; they are almost heart-shaped and have a pattern. I’ve just tried to imply where the pattern would be, maybe I’ll do something more detailed later.

watercolour sketch of a cyclamen 2

Watercolour sketch of a cyclamen

I’m using a water brush on sketchbook paper so there’s no washy watercolour-y loveliness, the paint goes where it hits the paper and it pretty much stays there. The fun is trying to find ways to work around or even with the papers properties.

Another plant doing well on the window-sill at the moment is my orchid. It was given to me as a gift a couple of mother’s days ago and am pleased to report it’s doing extremely well!

I’ve tried a few times this week to draw and paint it with limited success; these were the only ones I liked. I’m well on my way to 10,000 rubbish drawings.

orchid painted with gouache

Orchid painted with gouache

This first one is painted with gouache, meh I’m not that fussed about it. Gouache is not my favourite art medium; it’s a bit like painting with coloured mud.
Obviously I need more practice.

Then I drew the whole plant. Some but not all of the roots are drawn here, they poke out all over the pot and into the dishes of other plants, it needs re-potting really. When the flowers die back I will do a search to find out what I need to do and hopefully this won’t kill it off completely!

watercolour sketch of the whole orchid

Watercolour sketch of the whole orchid

As you can see there are still a few more flower buds left to bloom so I’ll just keep trying.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x


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