Drawing Flamingos From The Comfort Of My Arm Chair

sketch of two flamingos in green ink.

Two flamingo heads drawn with green ink.

Hi there, how are you?

We wanted to draw flamingos, the weather was OK as we arrived at the zoo then suddenly the heavens opened and it rained and rained and rained! It was too wet for sketchbooks so we did what everyone else did and hid from the rain in one of the animal houses.
Normally we would sketch in the houses but there were so many people and not too much room so we just spent the day enjoying the animals.

Later at home I still wanted to draw flamingos so pulled up some photos I’d taken on a previous visit and drew a few in the dry comfort of my arm-chair (hehehe)

I received some new fountain pen inks this Christmas, they are all small sample bottles, if I like the ink enough and use it I will maybe buy the full-sized bottles in the future.

I filled the pens I had with red and green ink (I already have brown in another pen) and used them to draw these flamingos, then used a water brush to pull out some of the colour from the ink


pink flamingo ink sketches

Flamingos drawn in red ink , I drew over some of the lines with a pentel brush pen and the feathers are a mixture of gouache and watercolour.


I drew a few close-ups of their heads to try to work out where the eyes and beaks are positioned, this is usually difficult when we see them at the zoo because they’re quite far away.

peeved pink flamingo

I drew this one too close to the gutter of the page so it didn’t scan too well. I do like the look on her face though, a slightly peeved pink flamingo.


These were little gesture studies, there are others but I had painted them with watercolour and the scanner didn’t like to colour so these were the only ones I can show.

flamingo gesture sketches

A few flamingo gesture sketches drawn with a fountain pen and brown ink. Trying to work out the direction the feathers lie.

Maybe next week we’ll have better weather then we can spend a little time drawing real flamingos.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x


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